Clutch Builds from Scootertronics

Straight Up Performance builds high performance clutch set ups for Scootertronics that include the  following, to order your build contact Scootertronics by email ( or phone 301 576 1874 for quote

Drive Pulleys

Torque Spring


Spring Base with Bearings

Spring Base

Performance Clutch Bell

There numerous clutches that can be used from NCY, Dr. Pulley, Stage6, KOSO, MRP, Malossi, Polini

Clutch Bell that matches Clutch Brandcloseparts

Different brands can be assembled together for each custom clutch set up.

The MK II from KOSO for 150s and Stage 6 for 50 offer the most tunning of all the clutches without leaving Dr Pulley out which is a popular one for Honda Ruckus owners as well as GY6 150. A KOSO custom clutch set up will give the Dr Pulley set up a run for its money and I do think it will last longer than the Dr Pulley 181401

GY6150NCYClutch Buildclosebell

MKII from Stage6 with 460 Bell that allows for spring tension and chnaging of springs without removing clutch or bell from drive pulleys.

These builds can be as low as 149.99 and as high as 449.99 for a Linhai 300


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