Aprilia SR50 High Performance

Aprilia hands down makes one of the best two stroke scooters I have come across in all my 10 years. Yes much different than most I have seen, worked on and sold unless it has the Mineralli engine which than I have that engine down. The Paiggio engine is not that hard for parts either since its cross over to the Paiggio two stroke engine makes it easier.

Here is a pic to tell the difference real quick on theses engine. Morini, Piaggio and Mineralli



The pic shows the right side water pump casing. The type of engines determines what parts will fit. The parts Scootertronics and Straight Up Performance will offer are tested on scooters that come through the shop plus our customers. An unwritten rule I have always followed is I do NOT offer unless I know it works for the bike that part is offered and I have been fortunate to be able to install almost everything or at least know the specs line up. From Belts and Cylinder Kits as well as clutches and variators from Malossi, Stage6, Polini, Naraku top quality parts for a super quality scooter from Aprilia. I can be reached through Scootertronics at 301 576 1874 or info@scootertronics.com


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