GY6 150 DC fired CDIs are in stock and shipping. Took awhile to find the CDIs that worked good and we found two that seemed to do the trick. The MRP seems to be the best performance which has a higher cost. Both are No Rev and are plug and play. The size matters the most when decieding which CDI will work in your scooter for GY6 engines. The DC fired are larger period, use this and not color of wires or how many. The AC is smaller and found in EVERY GY6 50 scooter made in China. The Kymco models use DC as do the SYM and Tomos.


87364_1 There is a kit that includes the CDI and Coil from MRP in one package. Also another kit includes an UNI Air Filter Dual Layer plus main jet and pilot jet to get your scooter where it should be for performance. Plus the GY6 50 kits are also in stock and shipping. Both kits are very popular and take 7-10 bsuiness days to delivery. The 50 kit includes CDI, Coil, Uni Dual Layer Air Filter plus 45 pilot jet and 94 main jet. Perfect for getting that small Tao Tao scooter moving along. New carb kits with larger idle jets and main jets that include air filters are offered too along with custom plug and play clutch kits from straight Up Performance.



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