Scooter Customization

Customized after market scooter parts  is the road Scootertronics travels to offer the best products to get the best performance from the many scooter models and brands offered in the USA. This was three to four  years after the first wave of Chinese scooters dropped shippped form the internet started to be taken notice by consumers. pipeThe Asian (Chinese) made scooters are worthy of upgrades being they are just one name from the known brands.   From cylinder kits to carb  and clutches can be simply removed and replaced. In order to get the best performance from these and many other parts some sort of custom work should be done from a cable to driven pulleys get the after market parts to add value and performance, this is where I guided Scootertronics in the past six years.

Just like custom T Shirts consumers want something just for them something that works for their scooter model. Consumers have now gotten used to buying on the internet. This is good for consumers and Scootertronics which gives consumers all over the choice to get custom parts for their scooter. High Performance scooter parts is NOT a large market. This in turn makes it harder to even get the part which all have to be imported. The consumer should also expect great quality plus the correct part for their scooter model which Scootertronics has always offered nothing less.  There are many scooter models from the big names as Piaggio, Yamaha and Honda then the 100s of Chinese brands. From the start of Scootertronics High Performance parts offering the type of engine is what I zeroed in on not make and model that would just not work for consumers. So right away I coined 139QMB and 157QMJ the two GY6 models of engines Honda designed in the 80s but never using the words Honda clone engine. For two stroke which was the main 49cc engine I was dealing with when I started in 2003 which was the Mineralli designed Yamaha engine. The Chinese choose a Jog 90 engine to copy which in turn all the first 40QMB two stroke engines in the scooters I bought were 90cc which lasted until 2006. This is why the Yamaha Zuma uses 10mm wrist pin and 13mm crank shaft tapper which is what the Mineralli 50 uses and Jog 90 uses the larger 12mm pin and 16mm tapper. I still fight this to the day due to most high performance parts from Europe use the Yamaha BW engine. Knowing the engine types has helped me put custom kits together and know they will work correctly for all. GY6 is used in all Chinese period for four stroke same as the CN250. Now Piaggio and Aprillia, Vespa, TGB, SYM and most of all Kymco and Kawasuki also use the GY6 engine design. All my knowledge is gained first hand with hands on I have done it myself.Scootertronics Shop Having a shop simply taught me all I know. Building racing scooters and owning and ridding 250cc and 300cc scooters and adding custom parts taught me how to to on these also. Then there is the time frame for delivery. Although you can get a custom T Shirt in three days custom scooter parts where there is a very small market it does take a little more time. So getting them all to work together is the combo that needs help. In a very young market without too much knowledge out there no matter how much you search parts suppliers are just not there on the scale needed.  There are a lot of custom parts Scootertronics offers that are always ready to go. Then there is the once a month Zuma rider who knows what he wants as far as custom parts that will work to his scooter. This is good as long as the Zuma rider understands that the one special part he wants is three weeks away. When a part sells twice a year it takes three weeks for delivery. For the past year I have compared the performance of certain parts and brands that in 2013 shipping and choice will match up much better. I am working hard to make this all happen is 2013. Scootertronics will make some huge changes in the coming few months to get ready for the 2013 season.

Customized Scooter Parts

Scooter High Performance Kits

A stock CV Carb intended for a motorcycle from a large importer that sells hundreds of thousands of bikes a year in the USA is modified to not only fit but work and greatly improve a scooters performance now becomes an after market part for scooters which it always was simply because it was not the stock carb for that one model of scooter which in turn becomes a custom after market part due to the mods that are needed to be done to install the carb.CV 32mm Carb Example; cables, air filter, fuel delivery, intake manifold and air intake all need to be changed so its NOT remove and replace.

By creating customized parts for the most popular scooter models offers the consumer a one stop for the complete parts list to accomplish the consumers goal or solve their problem with performance. This could be mirror mounts to a cylinder kit to increase the CCs of the scooter that includes the complete top end. Increasing the piston size without increasing the valve size on the head is defeating the purpose which is to push more air. So Scootertronics includes the cylinder kit with piston, rings and gaskets along with a larger head and racing cam shaft to open the intake valve a little longer to get that much air and fuel in. Now we have a custom top end kit for a four stroke scooter engine. The intended custom kit would be for a 49cc – 150cc GY6 engine.

Now in the age of the internet with an ever growing consumer base there are the matter of supply and delivery. Example; for GY6 50 engines the first cylinder kits offered by distributors and every scooter parts site never mention the head nor cam shaft and completely forget about any other part not even gaskets.

Clutch Parts

Custom Clutch Parts

The distributors are locked in a room with a computer looking at numbers instead of getting their hands dirty or having R&D or using R&D in-correctly or at least the smart simply called me or copied my site which I always get frowns for saying that but when my bad grammer and mispelled words are in their description its easy to see they copied and paste. So distributors had to be convinced that getting the larger heads and performance cam shafts where just as important as the size of the piston. This all affects delivery time of the custom product. By taking what was already been developed and already produced it was a matter of just getting the parts in the US and making custom kits for the consumer. This is what Scootertronics has done so the consumer benefits without wasting time or expense. What I have found is a NCY Teflon Manifold works better than the chrome one everyone sells when upgrading a GY6 150 carb plus adding the Naraku Spacer helps even more so when I am done I have used four distributors to make one custom kit. The larger distributors who also sell retail simply throw everything out there and let the consumer figure it all out just as the way Ebay sellers do. So many times I have sat with a distributor watched how they picked what to sell without anything but a price list. Both these models use price alone to market. Where a shop or custom part maker will use the end result for the sales model instead of price.m.1611040

So if you understand my point or what I am getting at here is an easy way to understand. A lot of Yamaha Zuma owners always call and want a larger carb. Ok no problem there are many that will work on the Yamaha Zuma Two Stroke engine. With that said NOT one of them will be a remove and replace carb not even one. Ok this is where Customization takes over. In order to install the new and larger carb on a Yamaha Zuma for better performance which means adding more fuel and air in to the engine. The throttle cable, choke and air filter need to upgraded or changed also. Also the air intake and manifold intake can be upgraded also for even more performance. Also doing at least one of these along with the carb would benefit the engine. M025733B


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