Clutch Plug and Play

Plug and Play Custom Rear Driven Pulley

Great product that gives the consumer exactly what they wanted and the way they wanted it sorta like Burger King. Have it your way. So here it is in a nut shell.

The average US consumer wants it their way and wants in NOW and wants it installed as fast as possible so they can get back to ridding.

Clutch Parts

Custom Clutch Parts

These are what is built for a killer rear driven pulley set up for any 50cc scooter whether its a Piaggio Fly 50, a TGB50RX , CPI Oliver or Jonway QT50-6 four stroke using a 139QMB engine and BTW the Honda Ruckus.

  1. Rear Driven Pulley
  2. Clutch Spring Base
  3. Torque Spring
  4. Spring Housing
  5. Clutch
  6. Clutch Springs and Clutch Weights
  7. Clutch Spring Tension
  8. Clutch Bell
  •      The main point of the custom clutch build is to create what is best for your ride. Using the rear driven pulley for all the torque and use the front variator for all the top end by keeping the weights high in weight
  •  Using an impact wrench with a 38mm socket the stock clutch and torque spring are removed by removing clutch nut. Now we can assembly our new Rear Driven Pulley assembly.
  • Remove torque spring base and replace with new spring base from Koso or Naraku both work fine and use enclosed bearings for spring to ride on to reduce tension so instead of twisting the spring rotates which in turn provides smoother and faster clutch response
  • Torque Spring is now install over spring base, a 1500 or 2000 or medium or hard which I would use a 2000 or hard as they are called from European companies, so Yellow or Red from NCY or medium, hard from Naraku or Stage6, the brand I have not found a difference
  • Before install clutch choose yor clutch springs and follow the torque for best match, for MK II or Koso add one set of weights to clutch arm, Dr Pulley well adjust everything
  • Now we can add clutch of our choice and clutch base push down use impact to replace clutch nut,now I will use new ones of better quality for clutch nut but thats me
  • Your clutch assembly is complete now
  • Scootertronics will put it all together for you before shipping for plug and play
  • Let me know if you need more info I will start listing different builds for different scooter models


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