Martin racing Performance

MRP Performance Scooter Exhaust

With the High Performance Scooter Parts market growing every year Martin Racing Performance (MRP) has kept up with the Jones in a big way. Without simply offering what all others offer adding to the a price war that seems to develop in every market without some important facts being consider other than “How Much Does It Cost ” leaving the notion of what kind of performance increase will I get or the quality of the product. Polini Malossi NCY Leo Vince are all very well known brands in scooter performance but limited in other way where their products were not develop for scooters that consumers in the USA buy, own and ride everyday. mrpadOnly one of the four mentioned developed parts for the popualr GY6 engines or the 40QMB two stroke engines used in Chinese made scooters. Now Kymco SYM and a few other well known NON Chinese made scooters use GY6 engines both the 50 and 150 which Leo Vince makes a pipe for GY6 139QMB 50 but thats it and it is made for  Kymco 50 with no big bore. MRP has developed and offered along with Scootertronics GY6 50 and 150 pipes and 40QMB two stroke Mineralli pipes since 2004 that are High Performance pipes made for larger cylinder kits 70cc- 180cc . Now what makes this very interesting is No other company but MRP developed a High performance Exhaust for CN250 250cc or Linhai 300cc scooters and go carts. And its just not exhaust for high performance its variators for Franco Morini engines, clutches for 250cc CN250, variators, cylinder kits, heads, carbs for GY6 150cc. Plus all other major brands from Vespa, Piaggio, Kymco, Derbi, Arpilia, Yamha Zuma 50 and 125 and Honda Ruckus which MRP had the first Honda Ruckus performance pipe in 2004.  All High Performance Exhaust from MRP are in stock and shipping. Back Friday Specials on all High Performance Scooter Parts at Scootertronics.


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