Linhai Aeolus Scooters and Parts

Linhai Scooter Parts

Linhai has been a steady seller in the US of scooter models from the smaller 49cc to the larger 260 and 300. All models are Aeolus models with the sizes ranging from the GY6 50 and 150 to a Yamaha design horizontal engine unlike the vertical CN250 which is used in all other LinhaiChinese made larger touring scooters. Linhai has borrowed the Majesty 250 engine to produce a Linhai Aelous Classic 260 model at 257cc and a 275cc know as a Linhai 300. The engines are so close to a Yamaha 250 that most parts work on both. The Cylinder kits that are produced by Polini for a Yamaha 250 Majesty will work on the Linhai engines as several belts and other parts.  Linhai produces a simple line of scooters without introducing a new model each year. This does work out very well for parts. Performance and stock parts are hard to come now is getting easier with Straight Up Performance along with Scootertronics offering both the Performance parts from Carb to the complete CVT system along with stock parts for Linhai Master Brake Cylinders to clutch and variator which MRP recently had a High performance Variator made by Naraku for the US.260


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