Mineralli Exhaust


Mineralli Exhaust

High Performance Exhaust for Yamaha Zuma

Performance Exhaust Kits with Air and Fuel upgrades

CVT Roller Weight Clutch Spring Upgrade

Top Brand Names from MRP Naraku Endy Ninja

Special End of Year Performance Two Stroke Mineralli Exhaust Kits for Mods  to two stroke Mineralli engines used in Yamaha  Zumas 50cc or 70cc horizontal engine. Pipes are from a closeout from PM Tunning and can found on their site for performance reference. These were sold also last year with great results from an affordable scooter exhaust that adds overall performance and paired with other upgrades as air and fuel with air filters, jets and carbs. A simple roller weight (15X12 5gram) change with clutch springs (15000RPM Medium) adds value for the consumers purchase.

endy pipe

These are old school pipes that have some age from storage that distributor let us know. So far we have not found anything that is offense, same as last year. There is a special that also includes roller weights (slider)

plus clutch springs (2000RPM) for a complete upgrade as well as Air Fuel Exhaust that includes racing air filter plus main jet. When these sell out they are gone. Special will move to a Handmade pipe already offered to keep this upgrade on Scootertronics for everyone in 2013.



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