International Shipping

International Shipping

Scooter Parts Ship Global

Scooter Parts Ship Global

Scootertronics does ship Global with International Shipping from Bongo. In Jan of 2012 this was put into place. Although a slow start Bongo and Global shipping has become an everyday procedure starting in Aug 2012. Which means shipments are leaving several times a week. With Australia being the front runner for part being shipped international. Down under seems to be scooter friendly. The TGB models have a strong hold there with a limited parts supply even for stock parts. High Performance parts ship global more than stock parts with Linhai, GY6, TGB and other two stroke parts these countries where there are scooter shops don’t seem to carry. Plus consumers outside the US want certain brands that have done well. Although Scootertronics is the only US scooter shop shipping global there are several others in Europe that ship global. The only snag that happens is models that are offered outside the US are slightly different than scooters offered in the US. While TGB is popular down under TGB does not have a well stocked distributor in the US. There is one but NOT very assailable. Which means they are hard pressed to help anyone including Scootertronics if you are not an active dealer stocking the scooters they sell which are all not even branded TGB but their own brand. There are parts used on a TGB Morini engine that are not used on any other models that can crossover and these are mostly engine parts so US consumer is simply stuck with a rolling paper weight. Now this happens with other brands as well.


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