Scooter Parts Which Ones Do I Need

Scooter manufactures borrow from each other same as all products. Cars do it just think GM, Fiat-Ford and so on. Same as computers using brand name mother boards memory and so on. Some consumers feel as if the Chinese scooter manufacturers are using what has been called clones and not doing a very good job of it. Which to me its all about the prep and dealer you get the scooter from and how well they prep the scooter for what the consumer or rider needs.By taking a look at the engines and CVT drives parts become easier to supply to consumers that do not know what part they need or maybe what it is called. Early on the term GY6 were used to identify the 150cc engine used in scooters that were Chinese made while at the same time they were in Kymco, SYM, Tomos and so on with these being Taiwanese made. There are GY6 150 and GY6 50 engines which I had coined 139QMB engines in 2044 so my customers could easily understand what engine they had. I learned quickly just to ask the customer to look on the underside of the scooter where center stand meets the engine and engine model is stamped on the engine. All GY6 engine have the engine model stamp here with 139QMB, 157QMJ, 152QMI, 149QMB which is a Linhai 80cc engine used in Linhai ATVs, 158QMJ Liquid Cooled GY6 150 engine. You will see numbers like 1P39QMB. Also this s tells you piston size. 139QMB is a 39mm piston, 157 is 57mm piston and this carries on into the 250cc scooters. a 172mm has a 72mm piston same as a 169mm is 69mm which is NOT 250cc, this engine is used on Roekta models and Sunl.  These are how Chinese engine models can be indemnified which allows the consumer to be confident they are getting correct parts. With that said there are common parts that are used on all scooters 49cc-250cc as in the coil, cables, shocks, tires, rims and so on. Now remember all scooter engines have model stamped on them no matter where they are made but that is another blog post for latter. scootersAnother real easy way to help with getting parts for your scooter (Chinese) is your body style, wheel size, two stroke or four stroke and a few other small ways. There are several frames that are used all the time. Frames with 10 inch wheels will always have a 669 18 30 belt for 49cc four stroke. Frames with 12 inch wheels which are known as BO8 and BO9 for two and four stroke 49cc models. The belt size for two stroke is always 788/792 16.  This frame cam also have the 13inch wheels and have a GY6 150 engine it it also. Then there are the frames with 13 inch wheels which almost always have a GY6 150 engine. These in very Rare models will have a 49cc four stroke engine or 49cc two stroke engine which Baccio offered these for awhile and Verruci did also. The 12 inch B08 and BO9 frames are the most popular models sold, easy to ride, repair, upgrade and have the most models under different brand names. This frame is also used in many other NON Chinese brands.



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