Scootertronics 2013 10 Years

Well here we are in 2013 after a very eventful 2012. With another big year coming up with of course every year being a big year simply due to we all should have big years or productive ones which I have looked at mine this way for awhile now. Just how productive have I been  with Scootertronics it is a lot of what I do. As well as my family, home, shop and of course my little Beagle dog. scooteritaly

Scootertronics will turn 10 years old in 2013 so this is a good thing to still be around after jumping off with the start of the Chinese scooter invasion which opened all the doors to all other scooters in the US and global due to the internet we are all global at anytime. And Global is a good thing to be with scooters since the rest of the globe had long embraced scooters as a way of life in much like a way the US embraces the auto. So we ride them, work on them, deck them out, make them faster, louder and anything else we can think of we do it to scooters, we do it on them and for them.


Help Live Chat Phone Times Emails Contact

Adding Live Chat has certainly helped consumers contact Scootertronics ASAP and get a response in writing they can save and re-read  for the better understanding. With Live Chat I do sort a get over loaded for a second sometimes when I am filling a phone order have a consumer on Chat while I also answer emails so like always I will do my best to keep it one task done right and move on. With Live Chat people are not bored when I ask them to hang on due to they also can complete another task while waiting. Then with shorter shipping times the phone calls are cut down with customers checking on their orders. Now the new smart phones due tend to make it a little tougher or maybe not considering the consumer using the smart phone and how they use. I get complaint’s about how they can not see the whole email or the web page which I find is a user problem I can not solve. Phone users also tend to buy on impulse which causes for mistakes, misunderstanding which can be a mess when most smart phone users except an Amazon experience from a small specialized scooter shop thousands of miles from where they need the product. Then when they get an Amazon experience which includes free same day shipping its found out that they did not read the description and have now ordered the in correct part need to do a return, want a refund and want another Amazon experience from a small scooter shop so it becomes a losing effort on my part because no matter how hard I work I am simply not Wal-Mart or Amazon. So you see the best information and the most information I can provide the better experience the consumer has at Scootertronics.

The Live Chat was at the top of my list in 2013 as a way to help consumers with scooters that have NO Dealer Support which continues to be a problem although it has gotten somewhat better in the last five years or so due to the many smaller motorcycle repair shops across the US that needed the work.  Scootertronics has worked with many shops across the nation to help them learn how the scooters work and what goes wrong and the small simple things that the consumer was unable to help the shop with from parts to tech help in troubleshooting. Once they learn to treat the scooter has a single cylinder gas engine that needs air and fuel in and out and a spark to run. Most motorcycle shops understand engines but then again it’s the CVT tuning that throws them for a loop. Being ever so grateful to speak with Scootertronics due to the same language is spoken and same goals reached. Its easy for me to tell them that the carb needs to be cleaned and larger pilot and main jet need to installed with a high flow air filter and which air filter work the best ion these engines which in turn are the very ones a motorcycle shop will use on their motorcycles from K&N, EMGO and UNI plus the custom ones from scootertronics created just for scooters.


Tech Help Building Engine Design

Building Custom Scooters for Everyday Commute

Custom Motorcycles 90cc – 500cc

New Parts for Honda Ruckus PCX 150 Silverwing SH150 Metro

Just a few Honda Scooter Models that get new part in 2013

The Honda PCX 125/150 for me is the best new scooter that has been offered by one of the top players in the two wheeled world.

The Honda PCX 150 was needed. The market needed a strong 150cc scooter with room for two and space for all your stuff which the PCX gets done. There are many upgrades and mods that deal with performance , looks and style plus comfort on the ride.NK90115 I did get on one recently and froze while ridding. The Honda PCX slammed right up to 55/60 with no problem and had plenty of power and take off for any commutes or fun ridding you can throw at it. A 150 was needed in the US to take the place of all the 125s everyone keeps putting out which is why so many Chinese 150cc brands are out there which use the GY6 150 engine with a Carb and the PCX uses EFI and is Liquid Cooled and when you get right down to it the PCX is a newer Honda 150 for the US when Honda has always had a 150 in Asia that looks just like many of the most popular Chinese 150s. The whole concept of the 125 and 150 is that Europe has a motorcycle law that lets scooters up to 125cc be ridden with a motorcycle license so the largest market dictates what size the scooters are, well since a 125 is the US you need a motorcycle license why not make a 150, use the same engine and everything else just make the cylinder and piston larger by 5mm which is what I do to the Yamaha Zuma 125.


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