Getting 2013 Right

2013 Offers New Products

Scooter Performance

With every new year most companies and businesses will look over the previous year and correct and modify to limit problems from the following year. Myself I take it every 6 months. From improving stock items and doing away with items that do not sell or met my expectations to shipping and processing times. By expectations I mean the product does not measure up at all. There are a lot of performance parts that are offered (not by scootertronics) that are simply stock parts painted red. I found this many times on low cost parts. What was called performance CDI or after market was a stock part made by a factory using different color paint. Found this true for CDIs, Coils, Springs and weights by simply testing them.

2013 will have a greater need for focus on customer service. This is easily done with taking a many calls as possible plus I have installed live chat so when ever I am at my desk and do not have my head in an engine I can engage consumers with correct info for my 10 years of knowledge on scooters. With so many different sites offering the same product or one called high performance its important to engage the consumer not only to make sure they know what they ordered and its correct for their scooter that they understand processing and shipping time from Scootertronics. When consumers do not read or open the emails that are sent or understand their scooter needs it causes misunderstandings. I have orders right now that I emailed and called the customer several times still have no contact. These orders have the in-correct parts ordered for the type of scooter they have. I do post and blog about differences in scooter engines and parts. While most of the scooters with 150 engines and 16 inch wheels are now needing parts and upgrades the GY6 engine used in these are different than other GY6 engine in the CVT, Head, starter clutch, variator, final drive CDI and several other parts which I labled GY6B about 5 years ago plus some are LC. The outcome for me is an upset customer due to length of shipping when I have sent emails detailing everything. I do understand every consumer and every order is different so they are treated that way as long as consumers understand the internet is not just  Google and Amazon. Gets tough when consumers figure whatever Google says or a scooter forum post is talking about is true you know if its on the internet it must be so which is now becoming if its on the internet can’t be true.Scoot Ride at Melt Down

Jan 2013 as with all beginings of a new come distributors price increases and new products and new claims of working partnerships. Have to take all these with a grain of salt since all but one of my many distributors competes for online sales with Scootertronics.


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