Scooter Parts 2013

Scooter Parts Scooter Industry 2013

With any new year businesses will start new programs add new products and generally evaluate their health as a company. In 2013 businesses have this done everyday. Everyday I see so many post, blogs, tweets on how to grow your business get more traffic, drive local traffic to your store and so on and so on.  Plus on the opposite side I see how company A is doing much better as far as sales, traffic and new products. To me this is the same attack every consumer gets when they turn on a TV and that’s a whole different mind set for myself and the very reason the TV per say is off for me. With a new year in the scooter industry for Scootertronics it is the 6 month over view on what is done best and what can be done better not in the sense can I add a product to make more money. More or less about keeping the values I started with. Now with that said there will be and there are several new products to add that will help so many get their scooters running at top performance for what they have at this time. A good example is the Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake

Scootertronics offers a cold air intake for GY6 scooter engines which also can be added to any scooter from a GY6 50 four stroke to a CN250 for most who seek this product it will do wonders for any carb operated scooter from Piaggio/Vespa, Kymco, Aprilia and the list goes on with all getting the best results as far as air and fuel mixture and the real thing as far as air velocity and air/fuel temp which plays a big part.

Some of the two stroke engines consumers like to mod out are the Mineralli and Morini as well Kymco and Paiggio. Scootertronics has not left these out either with air intakes and air filters that create velocity for air and fuel mixture. The larger PWK carbs have a larger bell mouth ti install air filters on which most are 48mm and that is large for an air filter. Now we have space problems in say a Yamaha Zuma or Keeway scooter. Kymco is good no space problems for intakes and air filters on these engines the body panels are exposing the air intake and air filter. Air IntakeThe air intake that works best for PWK carbs and the larger Mikuni TM24-30 is a 90 degree elbow that accept UNI Filters, K&N, EMGO which is favored in a 48mm size.


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