Scootertronics 2013

New Scooter Power for 2013

New Products parts New scooters

Welcome to 2013 and Scootertronics is back in action at full speed. For Jan and Feb most of my time was spent of course getting parts out adding new products and parts as well as scooters and the Cleveland Cyclewrecks Motorcycles along with Pit Motors LTD Pit Motors LTD is the distributor for CPI and Adly Moto Scooters. as well as CCW. I have to touch on this real quick that the CPI and Adly Moto are TWO STROKE 49cc which are just about the last scooters using the two stroke Mineralli designed engines being offered in the states due to the new Zuma is four stroke and slow. Pit Motors LTD is the sole distributor in the states North America and many South American countries for the CCW motorcycles and CPI Adly Motor scooters.

Cafe Racer

250cc Cafe Racer from CCW


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