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Scootertronics Reviews

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Scootertronics Celebrates 10 Years Online

After 10 years any business will collect reviews both negative and positive. Through the Better Business Berau and private sites that offer one person’s view and controlled by one person. These are uncontrolled and can not confirm the consumer writing the review even did any business or even had contact. It has taken me a few years to figure that out due to I do not work on reviews of my site Scootertronics everyday.Weekend in racing

Now by all means I am not making excuses nor defending any negative reviews you can make your own choices. I do let my actions speak as I do my 10 years online. To that point I can not even begin to count the positive outcome I have had personally on so many consumers over the last ten years. Have there been challenges you bet, have there been mistakes you bet. Although I have done most of the work I did have several employees over the years both online and local. Plus those who compete like to get in on it also.

Hanging at Ralley Meltdown

Hanging at Ralley Meltdown

Scootertronics is a small business just as every scooter business online is a small business and I am by far not the smallest or largest but I can tell you I am the best at what I do for the consumer and one of the  the largest scooter parts retail sites that distributors have at the level scootertronics is at for 10 years.

Over ten years I have done approx.

5.2 million in sales over 10 years

Monthly at this time there are approx 300 orders and 850 parts going out each month which is only 10 orders per day with 3 parts per order and there is always big days and slow days and huge orders and small orders

In 2007 it was not uncommon to sell 12 scooters in a day online one at a time and have one order of 5 to the same person

In 2013 I have shops in CT, NJ, MD, NC, SC, FL that do work for consumers I send them to with parts

In 2013 in an average week I will have 3-4 dealers with problems they have not been able to solve that after a few minutes they have bought several parts to fix the problem due to I have worked on a lot of scooter models

Stage 6 Polini NCY Dr Pulley in STOCK

Stage 6 Polini NCY Dr Pulley in STOCK

Daily there are approx 42 phone calls answered in a 10 hour period now of course there are busy days and slow days, in the cold months I just get by with sales

So yes I do make a few mistakes and yes some consumers make mistakes and yes I will have a off day and yes consumers who call have an off day

These types of statements are natural hand happen to us all not just Scootertronics

And if does not happen to you well you are not doing anything productive or really living a full life.

More about me from the personal side I am a husband, father with all the trimings of married and family life including a mortgage that is 5 years from being paid off, college payments for my children plus insurance for their cars the whole cell phone iPhone iPad thing we all know about, several shops to work out of both at home and public so yes I am very much like all my customers due to I am the human behind the website.

Many Upgrade Parts

Many Upgrade Parts

Scootertronics was first to offer Dr Pulley, NCY, KOSO, Motorforce NGK Iriduim, 250cc parts, Linhai parts, the Vog 260, ITA 150, Retro scooters, Keeway and many more brand names and this is by default due to Scootertronics is the oldest longest running website for Chinese Scooters and High Peroformance Parts for Chinese scooters. Coined the phrase GY6, 139QMB, 157QMJ, DC Pulse CDI first to offer real Mikuni parts for scooters like the fuel pumps and still the only one who sells mikuni and Keihin jets and many more by default due to I had to have a way to show consumers that the engine they had was the engine I sold parts for. Remember Geely scooters no of course not.

I will end this post with this statement.

My best customers are the most informed.


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