Yamaha Zuma Carb Care

Yamaha Zuma Two Stroke

Carb Care Upgrades

Yamaha Zuma Two Stroke

The Yamaha Zuma is one cool performing scooter and there is lots of them running around. Every season when folks break these scooters out from the winter sit the first thing that happens a lot is it will not start or keep running. The main two things are dead batteries and dirty carbs. Both easily fixed.17.5mm Carb

Every Season Care

Taking the time to clean the carb and go go over all connections and make sure everything is clean and working correctly from the cable to choke and inside the carb with jets removed and cleaned out.

Zuma Carb Upgrade Easy Affordable

Also at this time a lot of folks like to upgrade the carb and air filter. The stock carb on a Yamaha Zuma is 15mm with auto (electric) choke plus a push/pull throttle cable and made to run lean. Increase the jet size and remove the stock air box does wonders. Increase the carb size to 17.5mm really makes an improvement worth doing. Scooters that use the Mineralli designed engine like CPI, Keeway, Yamati use a 17.5mm carb as stock. These are plug and play for a Yamaha Zuma and guess what I have complete kits that do the job. Now you can also go up to 19mm and 21mm manual choke or auto choke. These are not suggested unless you have done cylinder and exhaust.Carb Kit


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