New Changes Credit Card Shipping

2013 continues to bring new laws and policy for anything involved in banking and credit cards and now state tax and 3 percent increase in charges.

First the GOOD NEWS is that Scootertronics WILL NOT increase any prices and will not charge extra for card use. Even though it is accepted and happens everyday to me. Credit Card companies charge fee’s for everything. I have yet to pass those along to my consumers. All my distributors have passed them along to me.

The policy makers in Washington are putting in effect state tax collection. What does this mean. When you buy online you will pay state tax which has not happened till now. This will make a lot more work for ScootertrImageonics and increase cost to the consumer. The amount of time it will take me to collect and write checks to all the different states consumers shop from will be a burden. Right now each state requires you the consumer to pay your state sales tax on purchase online. No one does it period, not me not you.

Now here is big charge coming that has been in effect for me for a long time. A 3 percent extra charge if I want to pay using a credit card or debit card. Some cards charge me 5-6 percent of purchase just to accept the card but not all. Washington has said ok charge everyone an extra charge to use their card. Most consumers are not aware if the credit card charges just to accept cards I pay every month right on time no choice it is taken. Than all the fee’s for all the different cards. Guess what if you use a debit card it cost me more, if you use a company card it cost me more, if you have a high interest rate it cost me more its nuts but I have never passed these charges to the consumers. Most consumers simply think of all merchants the same way.

We are all NOT Walmart or Amazon. Whenever a consumer buys the wrong item or simply returns without saying anything it cost a lot and I can never sell the product again as new. Most consumers could care less about my policy which is all I have to have to collect credit cards. Consumers get around this by doing chargebacks and keeping the product or returning for no reason other than they do not like it.

Scootertronics since 2003 has helped so many consumers when they had a complete dead end. The main reason is I know my products and I know my scooters and motorcycles.

Seems I am off on a little rant here although I feel consumers should be aware that those whom you have voted for are not keeping your best interest in mind and why they are even involved in I do not know.


If I did what all those who have learned to compete with me none of these consumers would get help and I so apologize I can not help everyone as fast as they need.


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