CCW Tha Heist 250cc Bobber

Cleveland Cyclewrecks

Thai Heist 250cc Bobber

250cc Cafe Racer Misfit Ace

Scootpower’s own has the Tha Heist, Misft and Ace in stock for ready to ride delivery. You may also request mods and performance upgrades done before delivery.

Cleveland Cyclewrecks (CCW) which I must remind all is a US based and owned company. Started when an affordable motorcycle that would appeal to the masses that would be delighted to buy USA made product that can ride. Yes sourced parts and engines from China which all big four motorcycle companies also have made in China. Ok just needed to get that out-of-the-way.  Along with the US bases Pit Motors LTD and Scootertronics handle the CCW motorcycles.

heistWith two Cafe racer style  bikes also and endless custom parts ready for you to install or design your bike from the ground up before delivery which is offered by Scootertronics in the Washington Baltimore area as well as at least a 200 mile radius.

There are so many ways to add performance to the steady Lifan engine used in the CCW bikes. The Lifan engine is Honda based so the very same upgrades used on a Honda Rebel for example can be used on CCW motorcycles. From Air and Fuel to gearing and exhaust as well as porting. Its always a performance upgrade off 2-6mph by honing out the intake valve and adding just enough fuel and air behind the valve to get that added horsepower.misfit

When you factor in style and looks mods and upgrades it gets pretty much endless. You only have to look to Dime City Cycles and Biker Metric to see the growing market that really has been there for years.

CCW as well as Pit Motors LTD who is the US distributor for the Cleveland Cyclewrecks motorcycles Tha Heist the Cafe Racer Misfit as well as the basic 250cc Ace are filling the 250 class in the US the same as Honda and others like Yamaha have done for years in Asia and Europe. The US does not offer the smaller street bikes that consumers would snap up in droves. Honda TwisterTo me this is just old school thoughts that all US consumers want bigger badder than all the rest always which is far from the truth. Just look at scooters which are growing by the day and myself personally have been pushing this along for 10 years. The Honda Twister is a 150cc sport bike only offered outside the US. To me this motorcycle would sell in the US. There is a whole bunch of garage shops who have taken up redesigning and making new bikes out of old CB200, 360 and the all well know Triumph 650 into Bobbers and Cafe Racers so the CCW bikes give that build do make your own with a complete restore.CB200


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