GY6 150 Ceramic Big Bore Kit

GY6 150 Ceramic Big Bore

To get the most  of your GY6 150 scooter engine adding high quality after market performance parts will get the job done. Providing more torque to safely navigate traffic and highway speeds installing a larger piston, cylinder and head plus a high performance cam shaft gets the engine where it needs to be to provide the power to the CVT. After much testing using the Ceramic Cylinder kit along with 61mm/62mm heads with larger valves higher torque and top end speed was realized. Once the high performance cam shaft was added all around performance was boosted even more. GY6 Ceramic Big Bore

The air and fuel was tuned in using a cold air intake along with larger main jet and pilot jet with a free flow air filter. The intake tube is a key to the air and fuel mixture keeping it right on the money with the right amount of velocity and temperature of the air and fuel mix which is important to the combustion chamber. Think of it how you need to warm up some engines. All that is done to get the correct operating temp that is needed in the combustion chamber. The cold air intake is an excellent way to handle the air and fuel mixture.

What you DO NOT want to do is forget that your CVT needs to be upgraded or a t least new stock. Simple upgrade is 1500RPM torque spring and Dr Pulley sliders. Sliders will last longer and will give you quicker change in gear ratio when slowing down of going up hills. To go to the next step an unrestricted variator that is taller will help alot which the DR Pulley and NCY will do both. They will each get the belt higher on plates and let weights travel to the end of ramp plate. Your clutch and bell plus belt all need to be in top shape or ungraded.



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