May Explodes with Top Speed

Linhai Adly Moto CCW

Tha heist Bobber Misfit cafe Racer

Cleveland Cyclewrecks Ace 250cc Motorcycle

With spring doing its best to get going here in I have been busy securing stock for Linhai scooters, CF Moto V3 and V5 in the form of brake pads, calipers and brake master cylinders along with performance variator kits for Linhai 260 and 300 with CF Moto V5 and V3 rear clutch assembly with clutch bell and Dr Pulley Hit Clutch.performance_coil Also added unrestricted no rev CDI that is adjustable that goes along with a very power coil to get the most spark out of a NGK Iriduim plug in a performance scooter electrical kit. A new Exhaust will be introduce this summer which will offer a complete system.  performance-250cc-electricalWith that said the complete CN250 engine and CVT can be upgraded for mush better performance whether on a cart, scooter or V5.

For 250cc class motorcycles the Cleveland Cyclewrecks Thai Heist, Misfit Cafe Racer and Ace are ready for custom parts and mods for performance as in Fuel and Air with jets, air filters and air intakes, manifold intakes Mikuni Carbs, Helix and EMGO Exhaust, Throttle Body, Brake parts (all) as well as CDI and Coil. Lots of style customs mods from all lighting, to seats, seat springs, gas tanks, exhaust which there are quite a few. There is a backyard craze where so many now want to ride a cool motorcycle but investing in a Harley is just  not going to work for them and building a cool Cafe Racer or Bobber is a reach so getting a quality cool looking and with great performance the CCW 250cc class does the trick.misfit

For new scooters there a few CPI two stroke Olivers left and the new Adly Moto scooters will fill the void for a two stroke mineralli engine design which is right there with the now never made again two stroke Zuma. So if you do not like the Slow as Ever new Yamaha Zuma 50 which  only the CVT can be upgraded at this time. nakedAThere are Adly Moto scooters which look and perform as well as the two stroke Zuma produced up till 2011 with countless upgrades and custom mods. As with most two stroke 50 scooters these are much more powerful than their four stroke counter parts and hence they are more expensive due to mainly EPA regs. The Customs and EPA regulations is what killed the two stroke scooter in the US. Which was completely the wrong thing for all scooter companies to do. There are plenty of two stroke models that can be sold in the US that make it really safe to drive in traffic with plenty of power to go hills and so on. The Adley Moto Naked you see above resembles the early Zumas in size with the larger wider tires along with a feature I like is naked handle bars so these can be upgraded along with everything that mounts to them.


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