May Closes Down with Top Speed

Scootertronics Reseller Ratings

High Performance Scooter Parts that add Performance

May 2013 was a record month for the last 3 year period. This was noticed about the 15th of the month when I restock the best selling products. One thing is for sure on record setting months all records are broke. May saw more than a few orders from consumers online order the wrong parts for their scooters. Seems every month I get several Honda Ruckus owners ordering a GY6 Big Bore kit. Then there is always the four stroke scooter owners who order two stroke pipes. Since I only miss one or two of these may turned out great once I had a chance to explain the problems and get to all my emails and calls which have nearly tripled from April. Scootertronics is a shop for scooters and motorcycles in the 250cc class plus all Go Carts and ATVs. Scootertronics offers many kits for performance and unlike all other websites selling high performance scooter parts Scootertronics has installed and tested our parts which is how I find new ones and discard those that do nothing.



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