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Moped Hospital Closing Down

Scootertronics just about everything Moped Hospital has ever offered.

There are a lot of scooter owners in Hawaii and Key West FL who have lost their local scooter shop that provided them with scooter parts. Although I have been shipping everything from scooters and all scooter and high performance scooter parts to both Hawaii and Key West for over 10 years I never shipped as many as I have in the last year or so. Since it has picked way up for these areas in 2012 and 2013 I did my research as always and discovered no shops left. When I do my research for an area I do my best to find out what scooters were sold there locally and what consumers are looking for to add or repair their scooters. Since I do all brands and sizes of scooters from all the chinese brands to Piaggio Honda Yamaha TGB Hyosung. The most popular 50cc have been the Yamaha Zuma two stroke 50 and Kymco Super 9 two stroke both the Liquid Cooled and Air Cooled models. These two scooters have plenty of high performance and replacement parts from many after market companies that are all overseas which Scootertronics has done all the research and testing to ensure they work and do what is claimed.CVT SCooter Parts

The only hitch in this whole Hawaii scooter parts issue is shipping. Shipping is not free for products over 1lb or any large parts. Which means battery’s and tires and many other parts do not get free shipping when over 100. Please understand I will quote shipping and since UI do offer free shipping YOUR shipping rate will be lower than actual.


2 responses to “Hawaii Key West FL

  1. You know your right , there are No more scooters stores in keywest . I have a 99 yamaha zuma im a rider i really need some parts can you guys help ….thanks

    • Yes I have many parts for 99 Zuma including plastic and all engine body CVT and exhaust mods and all part for repair most are on scootertronics.com

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