Phones, Email Server, Hours Location

Scootertronics New Phone

New Location for repairs and upgrades

Much to my displeasure my VOIP phone service along with email server which I have finally traced back to my internet service provider seems to have a bandwidth restriction or problem. Tried so hard to nail the problem down the last few months I finally gave in and redid everything along with a new provider after 10 years. All this came about due to the new work area I have been using. Could have been wiring, the service plan which is what I am told so they get more money so the phone was getting cut off due to bandwidth or was someone trying to get in which I have had trouble with also. On that issue I do everything I can to keep folks out from messing with me but a few sneak through and commit fraud. Learning new technology is tuff. Bear with me while I catch up.

Since I am not sure if it was 800 number service plan, the bandwidth or what I will change the 800 number while I figure it out and install new software. This does not affect the chat service I use.


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