Yamaha Zuma Vertical Engine

1998- 2001 Zuma

Yamaha Zuma Exhaust Cylinder Kits

Pre-2000s Zumas are everywhere and with more and more of them passing to new riders they need service and repair. Most take the opp to upgrade which is the way to go since stock parts you will not find and they will cost much more from Yamaha. So lets get down to it and understand the newer Zumas that are two stroke use a horizontal Mineralli engine and the older ones use a vertical engine known as BWs and have a different look altogether.

The newer 2012 Zuma uses a four stroke LC EFI engine that has limited upgrades for exhaust and CVT. These are exhaust which Two Bros offers a great looking sounding performance exhaust, plus since the CVT has not changed the variator, weights, clutch and clutch bell can upgraded. I would need to look into the final drive gears to know if they changed those if not that would make the best upgrade since there NO 70cc kits for LC EFI Zuma 2012 and scooter.

That brings us to the ONLY place to get top quality parts for the Zuma early years is Scootertronics. Everything from all engine parts to the plastics and  lights we got you covered. Some great prices on Exhaust from top names to the best Polini cylinder kits.BW50


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