Scooter Racing MIR

Scootertronics Goes Scooter Racing

Took off early Sunday morning for IREV Summer Import Revolution. Great day with time runs for bracket racing. The bikes we took down were a CF Moto V5, Yamati RX8 and the very first two stroke (chinese brand) brought in the US which was a Geely 90cc two stroke. All bikes did well with the RX8 number 16 moving up in the bracket racing with a flat out win over the V5, even though the V5 was faster the RX5 got there first and almost won the second time out when the 1100cc bike spit at the green.Jesseraceday Pitdimecity

Fun Runs were done all day with the two stroke scooters racing each other with tops speeds at 57.5 and 62.8 so pretty good for a two stroke 70cc. With some extra mods and different weights and gears should hit 70 by Oct. The V5 is wore out, I ride it everyday at 75mph up and down the freeway with well over 20,000 miles on it.

Scootertronics is a retail shop and do all of our work and do NOT ship any scooters or motorcycles direct from CA or anywhere else like most online sites, we are old school and never ever ship a non running bike or scooter, its illegal period, so many consumers are being tricked it makes me so sad.


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