About Scoot Power

Lambretta 150 ld

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Scoot Power brings all the great news from Scootertronics  and Straight Up Performance that can only come from inside Scootertronics and an inside look at whats happening with all these Asian scooters from China and Taiwan plus the all Vintage class that includes many of yesteryears top models from Vespa Stella and Lambretta.  Scoot Power has the inside scope on some really good models and some really bad ones also. With over ten years experience around the Asian made twist and go scooters Scoot Power adds value and direction for scooter enjoyment.

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Straight Up Performance which is part of the Scootpower family adds the 250cc class of motorcycles. Plus builds for 50cc- 300cc. 2013 starts off with Cleveland Cyclewrecks like of 250cc bikes like the Tha Heist long slung Bobber, Tha Misfit Cafe Racer and Tha Ace Street Racer. Many performance mods and upgrades for al types of bikes will discussed and displayed.


Scootertronics has added Piaggio Exhaust and belts for the Piaggio LX50, LX150, Fly 50 and Fly 150 as welll as other models from Vespa and Piaggio. The LX series and Fly models share the same trans and engine so parts work on both models.

All parts, scooters and motorcycles are offered by Scootertronics.com



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