TMISC Meltdown

Aug 20-22 Three Mile Island Scooter Club Meltdown 2010 Scooter Rally

Hanging at Ralley Meltdown

Completely off the hook for three days of prue adult fun with scooter lovers from Harrisburg PA with Tommy Thunder and I (scootermike) ridding up from the shop all the backroads over the mountians which was in itself a prue blast and an adventure we all must have at one time.

After arriving we met Svend the fearless leader who promised much fun and enjoyment and we were not let down from games and food and beer to the converstaion with many scooter owners with many types of scooters which was why I was in heaven I got to see close so many scooters I had never seen, and so fun you did not excpect. Plus we had customers there and folks who had been at our scooter racing events and rides then we made lots o fnew friends.

You Just Never Know


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