Retro Scooters

Fly Il Bello Scooters

Fly Il Bello

More and more scooter riders pick up on the retro style from days past when Vespa was king or still is king.

Scootertronics carries many models of Retro Scooters from the smaller Keeway Venus (two stroke), Fly Pico (four stroke) and TNG Venice along with  the BMS Federal also four stroke which these bikes are Znen made with the two stroke being the QJ made ones with the peppy engines to the larger Fly IlBello BMS Heritage f our stroke 50 and 150 models. These are very popular due to their Aprillia Mojito style look with larger motorcycle handle bars and larger seat, all come in excellent color choices plus all have upgrades for them including Turbo Kit exhaust for the four stroke models.


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