Cali Classic from Lance Scooters

Scootertronics offers the Lance Cali Classic 50 for the first time this Sept. 2010. We have found the Retro Style to be popular one that many seek as their vision of a scooter.

The Lance Cali Classic is hands down the best Retro scooter in its class of affordable everyday use. Scootertronics and I (scootermike) endorse the Cali Classic and support the Cali Classic in all ways under the sun. I assure you it’s what it claims this period.

With sales of the Cali Classic from Lance Scooters which is a true SYM Taiwanese designed scooter that are manufactured in China on a production line set up by SYM plus a true quality control has been but into place to ensure the best production. After our test models and customer feedback I have settled in to the fact that the Cali Classic is a very well made scooter unlike its  half brothers from other companies who simply badge a scooter and not design from ground up which translate into Lance has focused on one model and done it right before branching out t o different models.

Since Lance already had done the too many models to support I applaud Lance for doing it right with t he Cali Classic which is a trye SYM models no matter what you read from SYM which its logo is all over the scooter and its Taiwanese Vin Number proves my point and Lances. From the CNC made controls and brake perches to the fine lines of the chrome trim and sleek rear tail light assembly the Cali Classic surpasses all other models that attempt its look.


Lance Cali Classic 50 a True Classic for 2010


The stylish retro lines bring out the beauty in this scooter from first glance. With excellent gas mileage the Cali Classic not only gets you to work but around town for all your errands.


4 responses to “Cali Classic from Lance Scooters

  1. I want to get a performance muffler for my Cali 125. What will fit the Cali chassis?

  2. I need a replacement muffler for my 2013 Cali classic 125 cc. What will bolt up correctly

  3. does a 50 cc and a 125 cc lance cali claasic with sym motors take the same exhaust for retro models, I need a perfromce exhaust for both. thank u
    I have 2010 models

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