1969 Vespa Rally 180. One of the rarer vintage...

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More scooters are popping up every year its hard for most to tell them a part. Most scooters carry one of a few engine designs. Of course the larger brand names as Honda, Suzuki, Vespa, Piaggio, Yamaha, Aprillia, SYM, Daliem and Kymco for name some use their own engine design up to receny years where brands such as Kymco and SYM to name just a few have adopted the GY6 Honda designed engines as well as the CN250 and the Yamaha designed engines used in the Maxie or larger displacement scooters over 250cc.

The GY6 engine comes in both 49cc and 150cc four stroke models. Both are simply the same and very robust when manufactured with quality in mind, these are tough engines that are also used in ATVs, Go Carts, Kayaks and more to come like Micro Cars which Scootertronics is looking into at this point.

The Asian made produced scooters that come out of Taiwan, China and Korea all use the GY6 four stroke engines, CN250 and Yamaha designed. Two stroke models use the Mineralli style and Franco Morini both very robust, Yamaha uses the mineralli which is most popular with all Chinese brands using and Franco Morini in some of the Taiwan models as well as Mineralli. Kymco uses their own design for two stroke scooters both AC and LC as well as Piaggio/Vespa. All engines have many upgrades offered.

The Chinese made Linhai brand uses the Yamaha design for their engines in largers scooters over 257cc and the GY6 150 engine in 150cc.

Kymco n Piaggio use their own design but the CVT design in most scooters stays te same for example the same clutch bells and clutches can be used in GY6 50 plus Piaggio and Kymco.

The Honda CN250 engine is widely used in 250cc scooters coming in at a real 244cc, always remember most engines are rounded up so a 250cc scooter is really 244cc, 260 is 257, a 300 is 275. It pains me everytime someone tells me different. People think their scooter is slower because salesman told them it was 300cc when its really 275cc the 300 sounds better and is model number. Not really confusing a Bergman 650 is 650cc exactly either.


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