CF Moto V5 Update June 2013

CF Moto V3/V5 Upgrades Mods

June 26, 2013

The Exhaust which is call a megaphone has a great tone and is a little loud but what I have been told by those that have heard all the exhaust that I have installed that this one sounds more like a motorcycle than all others and yes the performance was increased and all back firing went away. Along with this I have a few tricks to keep chrome from turning blue or yellow. Still working on header pipe which will be wrapped with exhaust. OH BTW I will upload a video for tone at idle and 35-40 due to it changes.

I will start offering these in 30 days. At the same time I will start offering to consumers the CCW 250cc motorcycles in a Bobber, Cafe racer and standard Ace model which should be on anyone list who wants to start riding and does not need to go 90mph on the freeway and like the classic american motorcycle looks and would like to buy from the THREE US owned companies that offer these mortorcycles. As always I do not put a scooter or motorcycle out there until I test them and make sure I have any parts that could be needed plus upgrade parts for looks and better performance.turnsignalcollege

The NGK wire and cap plus larger coil and iridium plug certainly made a difference to go along with carb and air filter which I am building a better intake for air to add better velocity of fuel and air mixture. This is important due to it affects the mixture temp which needs to be a certain degree for best performance.

All my projects include performance mods from carbs, pistons, exhaust plus all cosmetic mods you see from lighting, handle bars, tires (white walls) to chrome exhaust and wrapped header pipes.

Since the V5 is not offered as much as it once was due to CF Moto changing everything I do know the Cruz which is the V5 is selling now in the US, its the same bike with a few changes.

The 250cc class of motorcycles is ignored in the US but is all over the world and doing well. The CCW motorcycles fill the void for all taste. These are copied by several chinese makers for sale in US but do not go there. As with most dealers who offer chinese scooters they have no ideal what they are selling they just know its cheap and they make a profit. CCW is not that at all. Its affordable with a warranty and loads of support. Not to mention a ton of performance and cosmetic upgrades. A simple carb upgrade does wonders that cut exhaust pipe and add a Megaphone exhaust and you add 7-10mph and more take off.







June 2013

Every area from engine, CVT, Fuel and Air to Exhaust can be upgraded for much better performance on the CF Moto V5 and V3 which uses the LC CN250 engine which is used in a ton of scooters and go carts so most applies two these also.

The bolt on products to a very good job of getting these bikes to cruise at 70 very easy which is needed for freeway travel. Keeping the engine cool is the name of the game. The carb, air filter, radiator and hoses as well as fan and thermostat play a huge parts and easy to upgrade.


Most want the exhaust which takes it from sounding like a scooter to sounding like a Harley somewhat with a lower tone which sounds killer. I have sold quite a few exhaust but MRP who makes them does not make them but every two years or so so I developed my own several times.

The above exhaust is the lastest one I am testing and is working out great. I also use this exhaust on my 250cc motorcycles like the THai Heist and Misfit 250 cafe racer and bobber. Will finish with mounting and new header pipe. Stuck on whether to make it 1.5 or 1.25 header pipe. The kit will include header that is wrapped with exhaust wrap that will allow correct temp of exhaust header plus all mounting hardware which will be little. The kit will include air intake system also once I choose it plus I need to weld pipes together although will be two piece system than its off to drag race.

The pics below are electrical with CDI which is adjustable no rev plus coil and wire and cap all are brand name real products that are tested by myself on my bike so I know they do something another than being a different color which is what every single scooter parts website sell as performance is just the part in a different color.

Now my bike has the air box and speakers removed. The air box is useless and so are the speakers, who can hear these at 55mph well no one plus the whole radio thing is junk. This open air way allows the engine to run cooler plus run faster due to air flow, I also have a cold air intake I will post soon as I am done testing.

V5carb V5fuel V5electrical

CF Moto Exhaust 250


OCT 24 2012

Real Quick I like the pipe and will start shipping to customers who have asked for one. Yes it did take longer to get  and yes it performs well and has a really low tone plus adds performance and looks really nice installed due to it is Stainless Steel, all parts included to bolt on.

CF Moto CN250 scooters–High Performance Pipes are in stock and shipping now. These are redesigned and are shorter and smaller dimension, this however has not affected performance or looks. At first I was not too happy about the smaller design and as always I install and use as well as test the high performance parts I offer to consumers. Besides I ride the bikes and scooters I offer parts for through Scootertronics plus Straight Up Performance. I have shot down many parts that others continue to offer and that I continue to repair and help consumers get the most out of a part that was not meant for what it was sold.

This MRP pipe has been on my CF Moto V5 for a week now which gets about 50 miles a day on it just from me getting here and there and yes its been a little cold but I will ride year around either in Maryland or Florida, this year I am in Maryland at this time.

I do suggest an Air Filter upgrade, carb upgrade and always weights belt and clutch for the best over all performance.

CF Moto Pipe CN250

CF Moto Pipe CN250

Recently a new custom air intake has been approved by Straight Up Performance which borrows from the custom GY6 150 air intake.

Sept 2012

The MRP Exhaust are due at this time Sept 2012. As of today have not seen them but I am have informed by MRP I will get them soon to start shipping them out to everyone who has requested one.

When installing the exhaust an UNI Dual Layer air filter will improve the upgrade by allowing more air along with better air flow for cooling. This is also helps when removing the huge air box that blocks air flow from the front of the bike which in turn a cooler engine equals better performance. All customers who purchase the MRP Exhaust may ask for an UNI DUAL LAYER AIR FILTER to be included at no extra charge.

New MRP Pipe and Malossi belt put on at 15,598 miles. Belt had broken after 5,000 miles since last change which was stock belt and I knew it was going to go I felt it loose power for about a month, could not get 70 on it plus take off was horrible, weights looked great which are Dr Pulley Sliders at 20gram also UNI Dual Layer Air Filter and all the guts taken out like air box and speakers so she stays cool oh super DR Pulley clutch on there kicks but also. Easy getting 80 again and cruising at 68 and 70 as before plus there is so much take off I have to get it back on drag stripe. Al work on all my bikes is done at Thunder Shop at scootertronics as well as my Rebellion which is back up and running after a four year rest.

Summer of 2012 has a new exhaust muffler installed, the first one burned all the packing out and sure enough performance lacked so once a new was put on power came back from the 32mm Keihen carb and UNI Dual Layer Pod air filter also the speakers have been removed for better air flow for cooling and well air flow to carb. I did need to replace the 32mm carb this year it just got too clogged up with fuel additives and cleaning just was not doing it. Now I could have completely rebuilt which I will do to the old one but I have just learned best ways to do this. The 32mm manual choke carb is the best performance mod I have done. The stock 30mm carb with electric auto choke just does not let enough air and fuel in and manual choke give you the most control. Besides when its 75 or above I never have to choke it. This evening ride with temp at 68 I pulled choke out and touch start button and it fired up never even hearing the starter.

Also in 2012 I have added a new CDI for higher revs. I did replace air filter along with e carb just makes sense since it was really dirty, it can be cleaned and since its dual layer most dirt never reached the carb.

New Z Bar 31 inch handle bars have been added along with Chrome grips with Black stripes of vinyl that allow good grip. I also have added some EMGO mirrors to test and will add the lower profile ones to test also. Also will replace the switch assembly’s  and add Stage 6 ones and a Fly push button start. These are chrome and very small also added was a high performance throttle tube, these are from NCY and Naraku which are metal, a little custom filing for fit.

The 32mm carb now has an installed Stage 6 choke cable which is real nice, the throttle connection has to modified to accept the throttle cable that is used.

New master cylinders where added, the window for brake fluid will rot out as with all of these, I am in MD so cold weather affects these also as well as everything else. I am also working on new paint job which has fadded over the years plus attaching the panels better. New brake pads were added also.

The Dr Pulley variator and sliders have done well but still  this winter I will exchange for a Malossi and try some round Malossi weights also. Malossi has a clutch I would like to try with a bell aslo. The rear driven pulley will be changed also. The CF Moto has a 153mm clutch and bell which the Dr Pulley 231801 fits but no new bell so I think I want to try the Malossi which is for CN250 scooters like the Honda Helix and most 250 scooters just smaller at 135mm which will work I have done it already with a different brand.

I ride enough to wear the parts down plus by using them myself I can help consumers get the best performance by far from these bikes.

CF Moto has been on the outs for about two years now in the states dropping everyone who worked there and all the scooters to do only large ATVs and UTVs. The Jet Max 250 and V which is now called the Cruz will still be offered. The one huge problem that CF Moto cleaning house has hurt the most is no parts being offered. I just can not get them to sell me parts. Until spring of 2011 I bought parts just about every week to help those consumers who has no dealer and no way to get parts for anything. Although I am pretty good at getting parts there are few parts that only CF Moto can supply like the panels and clutch, rear driven pulley, master cylinders, brake levers although I have use master cylinders from other scooters from different 150s and 250s the CF Moto ones are best.

Anyways give me a call if you need anything for you CF Moto V5 or any CF Moto scooter and I will do my best to help

MRP 250 Exhaust

MRP 250 Exhaust

I will post a video and pics of mine and all the work I have done and YES I offer all the parts.

Ok Here are some pics, video is being is in edit now and will provide link.

CF Moto Pipe CN250

CF Moto Pipe CN250 2012

CF Moto MRP V5 High Performance Exhaust

V5 Pipe 2006


14 responses to “CF Moto V5 Update June 2013

  1. Hi can u tell where did u get your exhaust i have a cf moto v3 been looking for an exhaust for 2 months if u could help me i would appreciate it

  2. I just put on a used Mrp exhaust and I changed the factory filter element. It sounded great the first day the 2nd day it wouldn’t start. What do you think the trouble is??

    • These are in and have been tested and now I will start shipping to those who want them, the pipe has changed to a more compact design still keeping the low tone and there is NO performance change from the older larger style which I could say there is better performance due to I have all there versions in my shop that I have tested on my V5 which has lots of upgrades, a video and pictures will be posted in the next few days. The price will also decrease by at least 80-100 dollars.

    • Fuel and Air plus spark are needed to start the bike, the exhaust does affect these but not to the point of starting one day and not the next, your vacuum is affected the most so make sure you have gas air and spark, if you changed air filter this is most likely where to start due to affects vacuum for gas flow more than anything else you changed. If the filter does not fit well or is not tight there will be an air leak, I use a UNI Dual Layer Air Filter and also have custom made air intakes I offer inline at, the pipe and air filter change the vacuum I would look for dirty carb and air filter not tight first after I knew I had spark

  3. Any luck on me getting a performance pipe for my CFMOTO V5?

  4. im looking for a starter for a 2009 motov5 any way you can help ? if anything please email me thanx im in N.J.


    As you said, the window for brake fluid will rot out as just did with mine after the winter (I am in PA). Where did you find the master cylinders?

    • All in stock from 50-250 and 300cc both Linhai and CF Moto, direct replacement for Linhai. CF Moto will need after market and there are several ways to get this done with mods and upgrades. Master brake cylinders are generic and all work the same way on motorcycles and scooters. CF Moto is NOT supporting their product and there is nothing I can do about that but I can fix the problem just not with OEM parts. All online at scootertronics.

  6. Hi,

    I would like to know where I would be able to find brake pads for the CFMOTO 250T T5 V5 (2008) model.



  7. Hi,

    I would like to know where I can find brake pads for the CFMOTO V5 250T 5T (2008) model?



  8. hola tengo una cf v3 i me gustaria poner el escape mrp 250 pero no se a donde pedirlo aver si me podeis indicar gracias

  9. Brian DeLuca

    Hey, i actully bought the same exact super cool. I also bought a cdi, it came as a dc unit but I’m almost 100% possitive my bike is an ac. What current did u place on yours?

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