Cylinder Kits

Malossi Performance

Malossi Performance

Choosing the Right Performance Cylinder Kit for your Scooter

Two Stroke Cylinder Kits 70cc – 90cc AC and LC

Four Stroke Cylinder Kits 70cc – 290cc AC and LC

My point here is you get what you pay for, buy a 99 dollar cylinder kit from a warehouse get an under performing no name kit from a no name inexperienced dealer who only has lowest price and fast shipping, Rome was not built in a day and neither was a cylinder kit.

Two Stroke 47mm 70cc Cylinder Kit

Two Stroke 47mm 70cc Cylinder Kit


When choosing a cylinder kit for your scooter to gain better performance and top speed the right choice is not the cheapest nor the fastest shipping. Now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of low prices on kits there is even Malossi and Polini at real prices as well as Stage 6 you just need to look. I see some sites that have these great prices only to find out the kit is 44mm not 47 or for 4T its 47 not 50.

One of the most important parts of any purchase to gain performance for your scooter is getting the correct info about your scooter and what kits will work on your scooter and most of all give you the best value for your money.

This info can only come from experience. The lowest price and fastest shipping comes from the experience in providing the lowest price and fast shipping, makes sense right well of course.

Big Bore 85cc Four Stroke

Big Bore 85cc 52mm Racing Valves


Now for the best value and biggest bang or your buck can only come from experience in installing and using the cylinder kit. Makes sense right well of course. So some of the best places for this info is a scooter forum with scooter people who have installed and used the kits plus your buddys who have done the same or why not a shop who does it everyday plus has a scooter racing team who use the very cylinder kits you seek.

Scootertronics offers both. Serving up scooter cylinder kits since 2003 and racing scooters since 2008.


When choosing a cylinder kits the castings are the most important aspect of the kit as well as the ports on the piston. The inexpensive iron cast kit with no name will have awful ports and casting will be rough not allowing proper air and gas flow. This is why you see an iron cast kit for 99 dollars and some for 199 its all in the quality of the castings and ports. We have seen kits where the ports on the cylinder do not even come close to the ports on the piston. It will start up but will run awful.

Right along side the castings is the fuel and air intake and the exhaust. Keep the stock intake carb and exhaust the cylinder kit will perform like it has the stock parts on it. The kit will work but never give you what you thought you would get. So adding a fuel and air upgrade as well sloves this problem. There are several brands of scooters that offer scoots with stock pipes that work well with 70cc kits as Adley Moto, CPI, Keeway and Kymco but I suggest a performance pipe.

Scootertronics does offer a lower price kit with a name brand with castings and ports that match so you get the performance you seek.

Our four stroke gets come with the extra parts needed for a full upgrade.

Cylinder kits should be matched up with exhaust and trans parts to realize the full power of the upgrade you are doing.

Please call us for more info. We are always looking for new parts at the best prices to make your scooter run the best it can with the best value that can be offered.


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