GY6 Trans Detail

GY6 50 Performance Trans

GY6 50 High Performance Clutches & Variators

GY6 50 Roller Weights

GY6 50 Final Drive Gear Sets Belts

The GY6 Drive consist of the front variator with ramp plate or variator or movable pulley, backing plate or pressure plate (holds roller weights in) ID or Boss Drive (bushing or metal spacer that belt rides on and variator travels on)Sliders ( V shaped plastic pieces that backing plate slides on) drive plate (fixed pulley with or without fan) kick starter drive (connects with kick start gear plus hold fan on)variator nut plus sometimes there are washers or spacer used for fine tunning and keeping correct length of boss drive surface for varitor to slide on and let belt go all the down for torque and up for speed.

Rear Driven Pulley (Torque Plates) Torque Spring (Compression Spring) Rear Clutch (with clutch springs and clutch shoes or plates) Clutch Bell(clutch housing) Clutch Nut (holds clutch onto torque plates plus torque spring) Bell nut (holds entire assembley to final drive axle)Secondary Slider Sleeve(torque plate slides on to open and close of fixed driven pulley allow belt to ride all the way down for top speed or all the way up for low speed or best torque)

Roller Weights and Slider Weights (DR Pulley Ninja Adige) As the motor spins the weights are forced out against the backing plate which pushes ramp plate or variator out increasing or decreasing the space on ID or Boss Drive to allow belt to ride all the way down for lowest gear ratio or all the way up for highest gear ratio.

Final Drive Gears are inside final drive unit under the rear clutch. This set determines gear ratio of final drive gears which can be improved with high performance drive gears.

The belt (pulls it all together) which is highly important because any problem here with wear means loss of power right away. Stock belts on low cost scooter fails after 500 miles so you get what you pay for a 799 scooter has a cheap belt thats dead at 500 miles a 2500 dollars scooter last 5 grand.

  • Wearable in order
  • Belt(stretch, slip, break)
  • Weights (flat spots)
  • Variator Bushing (inside variator that rides on ID)
  • Clutch(pads shoes get glazed smooth over and simply wear out)
  • Clutch Bell(gets worn and heat changes metal comp which changes bell power)
  • Torque plates
  • The better quality scooter the better quality parts that last longer the 799 scooter these are worn fastNo matter what scooter upgrading any of these brings better performance right away
  • Scootertronics offers many different products from street performance, sport ridding and racing performance
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