Stage 6 Naraku Yasuni Parts

Sept 2012 Update

After a hard fought summer to get and keep parts in sock and coming its looking up for Naraku Stage6 Yansuni and many more from Malossi and Polini for high Performance. The clutches and variators are coming in and going out everyday and doing a great job on the scooters. There are certain parts I like better but the combo of a Naraku variator and clutch with a Gates belt works well for GY650 plus add these two to Kymco with a Malossi belt and get better performance. Fuel and Air upgrades from naraku are helping out also. Take a look on Scootertronics or give me a call and I will set you up with best products for your scooters.

JUly 2012 Update  Stage 6

With a good selection plus quality and performance Stage 6 parts for scooters look like a sure bet. Coming up on three years offering Stage 6 products it has been an uphill battle.  Stage 6 is out of Germany. The first part to understand is they use the Euro which is having problems same as the dollar worldwide, so pricing changes. The biggest problem I have had is supply and demand. Sticking to the performance parts mostly and not too many style parts I have still have a huge problem getting the parts. They simply are not made. Now you can get one part at times but the demand at certain out weighs the supply due to Stage 6 just does not seem to make the parts. After a visit from Stage 6 in April of 2010 I thought we were on the same page only to discover they were only on a fact finding mission and set up shop here in the US. Of course they are gone now only to have another company from Europe set up shop here in the US. My problem with this is they lead the US consumer on and offer no customer service, descriptions that do not offer much info with shipping times and policy that simply makes it too hard to get the product. The US consumer buys in the Spring and Summer and thats it. Always after a long wait over 6-8 months all of a sudden consumers want the parts the next day. By this time every year none are stocked in the US.

With that understood I have worked hard to help as many consumers as long as they understand 10-14 days delivery of Stage 6 products. Almost all the performance parts can be sold under a different brand name which I can do and do it every day. A Stage 6 cylinder the Sport line is Athena. The Pro Replicas pipes are the same performance as Leo Vince and so on. There is one part I like a lot that only stage 6 at this and thats the MK II clutch which is a KOSO product which I offer the KOSO brand for GY6 150 and Stage 6 for all 50s.

NARAKU Scooter Parts

Naraku fairs much better and are on the same level as NCY with a few extra’s. I am fully behind the Naraku brand as long as I can get the products. The pricing is great for the products and they all work well.

Stage6 High Performance Scooter Parts

Need Scooter or Quad Racing Parts Call 301 576 1874

Lots of new products for your scooter or mini quad.

These are very good products. The cylinder kits have ports that are clean and most of all match well with their pistons so higher grade pistons can be matched easily. You can add a Athena Piston at 12mm pin to a Stage6 10mm kit pin if you were going to upgrade to a high performance crank that uses a 12mm wrist pin or needle bearing. So this simply says Stage6 put thought into their products. Very much like KOSO has Stage 6 does R&D the same as Scootertronics by using the product and using it under extreme conditions as in racing scooters. So you know they will hold together for you.

Naraku Scooters is fast becoming a favorite of mine. Naraku products do come from TW by way of a European company that also puts thought into their products. While carry a lot of basic stock parts that are the same for all distributors Naraku also offers high performance parts. This is easily done by using higher quality parts to assemble the final product.

Scootertronics has added the Stage 6 line of high performance parts for two stroke scooter as well as Naraku parts for GY6 50 scooters as well as Yasuni Exhaust Pipes for two stroke scooters..

Naraku Spacer GY6

Naraku Spacer GY6 Carb Upgrade

The cylinder kits from Stage 6 bring the

Stage 6 Exhaust

Stage 6 Exhaust

Athena Quality in a variety of kits from iron street race to high powered aluminum kits for much better top end and a cooler ride for longer rides to be on the safe side.

Naraku bring carbs and parts for style and cosmetic look as well as performance.  When red spacer and chrome intake or larger teflon coated intake are used with 24mm carb when upgrading the engine with a 80/85cc kit you get a larger carb upgrade for GY6 50 for the first time.  SRC uses this set up in our four stroke race scooter with great results. This carb set up is for 80/85cc engines only and will not work correctly on stock engines.

Naraku Carb 24mm GY6 150 Stock Carb

Naraku Carb 24mm


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