Naraku Scooter Parts

Naraku Performance Scooter Parts

Naraku high speed racing V.2 16mm 

  • CPI Oliver Aragon
  • Keeway Matrix FACT Hurricane
  • TNG LS49 SS49  Benelli X50
Naraku 900.58

NK900.58 High Speed Variator 16mm

Naraku offers performance scooter parts for two stroke 40QMB engines as well as Yamaha Zuma. High Speed ​​Variator for Minarelli engines come in the two sizes of 13mm (Zuma, Eton, Baccio) with splined fixed pulley. This concept has been renewed by Naraku to take the pressure off the star washer.

HS-NARAKU Racing offers a sophisticated manufacturer of High Speed ​​Variator for Minarelli based 2-stroke engines with a 13mm or 16mm crankshaft spline. The variator comes with CNC machined high speed fixed pulley or drive plate (Face). Having the advantage of splined toothing that handles the absorption of torque and you can finally dispense with the prone star disk.

Shipping V.2 g with 3 sets of weights 15×12 roller weights   in 5.0 g, 5.5 g and 6.0

TheNaraku V.2 according to the manufacturer should be used in conjunction with a sports exhaust or a 70cc cylinder kit.  the shorter design of the variator sleeve (id Bushing)adds a higher gear ratio with significantly more high speed. The prerequisite  is sufficient engine power.


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