Two Stroke Performance

Getting your two stroke 49cc scooter tuned to get the best performance is always fuel and air plus power to the CVT for the most torque and top end to the wheel.

Best way to get there is through  a 70cc kit, performance pipe along with carb air filter and correct weights, clutch and springs plus a good bell and belt.

Easy Upgrade

Athena or Stage 6 Cylinder Kit, Leo Vince or Turbo Kit Pipe plus rejet or new 17.5 or 19mm carb plus air filter 4 gram weights Doppler weights 2000 RPM spring or also add Motoforce clutch, Dr Pulley or Stage 6 plus Malossi belt and basically anything but Bando or stock, a belt from Stage 6, Malossi or Motoforce will do fine.

There are very simple ways and one of the best ways to keep your scooter performance top notch is not and I repeat not treating your scooter like a car and driving 1,000 o miles with no service. Most can be done at home by almost every scooter owner.

Here is a simple list of parts that need service

Belt – –  Belts wear fast, inexpensive of cheap belts wear out at 200-300 miles. These belts stretch at very low use that is noticeable at 200-  500 miles. This is normal with scooters costing under 1,000, so your 599 scooter will start going slower very soon. higher quality scooters get 2,000 – 5,000 miles before needing replacement belt. For me Malossi makes the best. Now there are plenty of other brands. Do not make the mistake of buying a Kevlar belt that is not Kevlar. Example Gates does not say on any of their belts that they are made with Kevlar. So many sites state this I am not sure where they get their info. I have had Gates in my office many times. So Malossi, Polini, MRP make the Kevlar belts. the main problem with belts is correct size. The Malossi and Polini belts are made for European market so you must make sure your choice is correct from someone who uses the belt you need.

Roller Weights same as for belts lower quality that means price wear out so fast its stupid. Slider weights do not wear they are flat on one side already. There are plenty of Quality weights that will last.

Clutch and Clutch Bell— Stock clutches and Bells are much better off than belts and weights. They do wear and they do glaze over and slip. There are clutches and Bells made to last. A big problems is bell never touches most of the clutch pads, hence two shoe clutches attempt this plus I have found a new clutch system that uses much more clutch pad than others. When upgrading your clutch make sure you do the correct bell for your new clutch.

The variator wears also with the bushing wearing out backing plate and V Sliders that are plastic or Nylon are first to go.

Yamaha Zuma/Vino 125 Clutch

Replace the above before  buying new cylinder kits, pipes or anything else until the health of your CVT  is top notch


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