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Two Stroke Performance There will always two stroke scooters running around out there so its good to know your choices and there are quit a few. The different cylinder kits plus pipes and carbs makes it easy to custom build … Continue reading

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NCY Naraku New Products GY6 50 139QMB Engine Parts 2012 Brings Scootertronics several brands that have upped their game for GY6 50 scooter engines and listen to us and our customers. 2011 saw the cheap 49.99 cylinder kit at 100cc, … Continue reading

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GY6 50 Big Bore

GY6 50 139QMB Cylinder Big Bore Upgrades

Good Morning folks, today I will  address another concern of mine that I have posted on these pages once before a few months back, I have seen many consumers read this info by looking at the stats for info that I will get a little deeper into it.

The GY6 50 Four Stroke scooter engine can be upgraded with cylinders and heads up to 52mm, as far as CC’s are concerned I have rated this at 85cc. Keep in mind that two stroke machines with same size cylinder are rated at 90cc-107cc, the GY6 125 is 52mm also and is rated at 125cc.


The 100cc kits are not 100cc please run from these

The problem that is happening is dealers online who have no shops or experience are selling four stroke big bore kits for GY6 50 engines that simply are deffective. and if they do even start to work they break down and also are junk.


Scooter Parts

Scootertronics carries parts for the following engines

  • GY6 50
  • GY6 150
  • CN250 172mm 10 wheels on scooters, go cart engines and CF Moto Motorcycle Engines this is a vertical LC engines differences in scooter , go cart and motorcycles is all in the CVT
  • CF250 172mm
  • Linhai 260 and 300 170mm 173mm
  • Kymco Engines
  • Piaggio Engines
  • Franco Morini Engines used in TGB, Hyosung, Aprillia, Itajet Dragster
  • Major Brands of High Performance Parts
  • Naraku
  • Stage 6
  • MRP
  • Malossi
  • Polini
  • Scooter Ninja
  • NCY
  • Arisal
  • Mikuni
  • Athena
  • Doppler
  • Leo Vince
  • Hebo
  • Yansuni
  • Tecnigas
  • Delorto
  • OKO
  • Motoforce
  • NGK
  • UNI
  • RDR
  • Keihin
  • K&N
  • Dr Pulley

All stock parts for almost every twist and go scooter which most use same engine and I do know when some use different engines like when a GY6 150 engine in a ITA 150 is different plus the RX200, Matrix and Eurojet plus Benelli use a different GY6 plus the LC GY6 engines and plenty of high performance parts. Scootertronics is also stocking Hyosung and Untied Motors Motorcycle parts as well as Linhia ATV parts and UM Atv parts scooter parts for the X Speed scooters, MZ scooters Vento scooters and many others. We are also stock many Vespa OM Genuine Parts we have many from coils and cdis to cylinder kits seats cables lights speed meters

Jets Main and Idle

Carb Jets have become one of the best ways to fix a lot of nagging problems on these two stroke and four stroke scooters mainly the low cost ones. What we have found is simply increasing the idle jet to a 45 up from 35 and adding an 80 or 85 main jet does the trick plus adding a dual layer filter from

Stage 6 Dual Layer

Stage 6 Dual Layer

UNI or Stage 6 really gets things going for smooth running and easy starting.

Idle Jet

Pilot or Idle Jet

Plus it works two ways that help both the two stroke and four stroke models. They restrict these scoots so much when making them simply adding larger jets seems to always help. The dual layer carbs hold the back pressure for gas flow.

Str8 Air Filter

Str8 Air Filter

When we get dirty carbs the fist thing we do is replace the idle and take a look at the main jet as well as the plug and always find we can increase the jet sizes with more fuel that way we can add more air without it getting too lean and increase it even more if we can then completely clean carb.


The jets we carry are mainly 5mm and 6mm and work in many two stroke as well as four stroke. The idle jets we have are what comes in all CVT carbs used in four strokes plus out two stroke idle is for the Mikuni style and some mains for Dellorto carbs also. We will offer a lot more for the PWK carbs we offer that we are using and the OKO.