Performance Mods

Keeway and Benelli are QJ built two stroke scooter models that are simply performance scooters straight from the factory that can be upgraded with todays best mods for street performance, drag racing and road racing brand from QJ is just that scooter to ride.

Yamaha Zuma Performance Mods           GY6 50 High Performance Scooter Parts

Kymco Racing Parts                 GY6 150 High Performance Parts

Zuma 125 Performance Parts

 Keeway 40QMB Performance Two Stroke Parts

Mods and upgrades can be done to all scooters no matter what the brand model from Honda Yamaha Vespa TGB Kymco Piaggio Suzuki Yamati Keeway Benelli the list just goes on and on whether they are two stroke or four stroke it can be done for better perfromance to cosmetic and BLING upgrades and Scootertronics has got the experience which has given them the knowledge t help all scooterist with whatever scooter they were ever they are with have no boundries.

The best way to achieve results are by doing mods to

  1. Engine
  2. Transmission
  3. Exhaust
  4. Fuel and Air
  5. Use discount code zuma50 when order over 100 dollars of performance parts for your two stroke scooter for 10 percent off entire order

Plus a-lot more involving tires, brakes, fuel and air and some very basic ones like roller weights in the transmission which alwyas give a boost with a quick install.

From the lowly Geely chinese scooter to the high powered Benelli to the elegant Piaggio and Stella which includes the Vintage models also get the right power and style for scooter.

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One response to “Performance Mods

  1. hey mate, im only 15 but ive been look for parts for my MCI alien 50cc 2 stroke
    any ideas??

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