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Straight Up Perfromance a high perfromance design company that designs products for scooters that solve performance problems and add value to your scooter plus style and looks.  Products designed are developed in the The Thunder Shop to help the performance in all Asian made scooters from the Kymco Super 8 150 to the Jonway Scooter Keeway and many more two and four stroke scooters.

A recent product comes with a NCY air intake and K&N Air Filter so you get rid of bogging problems in the mid range and add power to to the top and bottom of the band. Best used with larger 26mm CVK auto choke carb from NCY. There are several air filters that  have been found that work so the exact choice would depend on the scoot and mods or upgrades that have been done. An exhaust whether it be of high quality or not might call for a different air filter but the K&N adds both quality and style with chrome features. Along with air flow back pressure must be controled for proper gas flow when a vacuum system is used for fuel intake, of course an electric fueal pump does away with this small problem, watch for this next from Straight Up Performance.

K&N Air Filter

K&N Air Filter

The whole set up can be used in many different brands of scooters but I stick to what I know first.

The intake does away with the problematic cross bar on GY6 150 scooters, a problem all have until a solution was offered by Straight Up Performance.

Other recent products are the Dr Pulley 161301 Clutch set up for the Honda Ruckus which has really taken off. At this time Straight is adding Nakaru and NCY torque plates to our clutch set up. There is also a complete torque plate upgrade from Stage 6 that we are using for the ultimate clutch set up.

Another recent product is the 32mm carb set up for 150cc to 300cc engines that comes with a UNI Filter with all cables install including manual choke cable. This carb works best with exhaust set up and large bore cylinders.

Nov 2010 sees a 24mm for GY6 50 set up with manifold from NCY, carb from K&N plus manifold riser a page out of the two stroke scooters it does a very good job of getting the gas and air flow just right on a GY6 85cc four stroke motor.

More products coming in the near future include GY6 50 complete rear clutch with Stage 6, Nakura and NCY products combines for a plug and play install. This combo will be offered for both GY6 50 and 150 as well as 40QMB engines. Look for Carb set ups that include intake reed box with carbon fiber reeds along with racing air filters for two stroke scooters.

Stage 6 Bell

Stage 6 Clutch Bell

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake


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